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About Dr. Borge

Licensed Chiropractor

Martin has primarily used Directional Non-Force Technique, or D.N.F.T. ®, since 1987 when, after treating patients with many other techniques, he found D.N.F.T.® to be so dramatically effective he chose to specialize in it.

D.N.F.T. is the perfect method of chiropractic for patients who are uncomfortable with the more conventional techniques. This is also a great technique for patients who want timely results without requiring extensive treatment plans.

As a teenager, Martin Borge received chiropractic treatments for back pain, planting the seed to become a Chiropractor himself one day. He graduated with his Doctorate in  Chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College West in 1984 and began his private practice in 1986.

Since June 2014, he is heading his own Chiropractic office in San Rafael and continuing to practice in Point Reyes Station in West Marin, for over 30 years.


  • Founding Partner of Whole Health Associates (WHA) in San Rafael, 16 years

  • Member of California Chiropractic Association,+25 years

  • Certified in SFMA, September 2014. Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

  • Certified Provider of Sole Supports, Custom Arch Supports

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant, Bauman College

  • Neurology coursework, over 300 hours toward diplomat

  • Neurovascular Dynamics, studied with the late William Nelson, DC

*Directional Non-Force Technique®, D.N.F.T.®, and associated logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Dr. Christopher F. John of Beverly Hills, CA © MMXIII


His philosophy towards healing is:
Helping Patients restore their body to attain “Optimal Health”.

Martin emphasizes Patient Involvement in their care.
Guided by his desire for patient wellness, Dr. Borge espouses a holistic approach to care. He recommends changes in biomechanics and recommends workspace changes, car seat changes, sleeping and sitting posture, exercises, nutrition, and yoga poses.

Martin Borge DC at work
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