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About D.N.F.T.


"In the early ’90s I happened to find a chiropractor who used “Non-Force” chiropractic
techniques and finally got some lasting relief!  For many years I would go in for tune-ups
after doing foolish things that would reinjure my back.  One or two visits was usually
all I’d need.”…JG  Inverness, CA

“D.N.F.T.® is a unique Patient oriented technique designed from its origin to effect maximum benefits in a minimum number of treatments.”Quote from Christopher John, DC, successor to the originator of D.N.F.T. ®,Richard Van Rumpt, DC.


  • It was developed by Richard Van Rumpt, DC over 80 years ago.

  • Practitioners are trained and re-certified annually by D.N.F.T. Seminars founder Christopher John, DC.

  • No wrenching/cracking involved.

  • Leg length analysis is used to gather specific information about which structures are in need of correction.

  • Safe for any age patient—even infants and the elderly.

  • Can be used to effectively manipulate virtually any bone in the body including those of the hands and feet.

  • A great alternative to traditional chiropractic.

  • Remarkably fast results are common.

  • X-rays rarely needed.

What to expect in a D.N.F.T.® Treatment


  • Patients are typically asked to change to a white cotton gown (provided) allowing access to see the back and spine.

  • The patient wears a heeled half shoe to assist in leg length measuring while lying on the treatment table. The doctor may mark the spine with a black wax pencil, some residual pencil may be on the back (removable with lotion).

  • First visits are about 60 minutes in length and follow-up visits are 15-30 minutes.

  • Please try to arrive a few minutes early so your visit can start on time.


®Directional Non-Force Technique®, D.N.F.T.®, and associated logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Dr. Christopher F. John of Beverly Hills, CA  MMXIII

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