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Aligning You with Good Health Starts with Chiropractic

Martin specializes in Directional Non-Force Technique, or D.N.F.T. ®

“Because it is difficult to have a healthy spine without having a healthy body, I see chiropractic adjustments as just one part of a holistic program for attaining optimal health.”  Martin Borge, DC

Martin Borge DC

About Dr. Borge

Dr. Borge is a licensed chiropractor serving patients in Marin County and the Bay Area. 

Martin is dedicated to your total health and well-being. He works with you in finding solutions to target your unique health care needs. Listening, quiet focus, careful treatment and specialized tools enable him to provide the "best" possible care to diagnose, treat, improve and maintain your health.

Martin specializes in Directional Non-Force Technique, or D.N.F.T. ®.

D.N.F.T. is the perfect method of chiropractic for patients who are uncomfortable with more conventional techniques. This is also a great technique for patients who want timely results without requiring extensive treatment plans.

What Patients say About Martin Borge, DC

West Marin Scene

"Dr. Martin  Borge  is an excellent and very experienced chiropractic practitioner. He is also an extremely gifted and intuitive healer. I have found that the DNFT technique he uses is relatively gentle and painless and that I always get positive results fairly immediately. Usually, one visit is sufficient for whatever is ailing me. Martin has been my go-to chiropractor for close to 30 years.”

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